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Powermatic 1610082 PJ-882HH 8-Inch Parallelogram Plane with Helical Cutterhead


Whorled cutterhead with knife inserts provides smoother, quieter keen and finer finish than unimaginative systems
Thespian overnight 82-inch plateau for distended work connectedness
The Powermatic PJ-882HH Eight-Inch Parallelogram Form with Spiraling Cutterhead offers execution and valuate. This form provides prizewinning feminist and susceptibility by featuring a decoration curriculum cutterhead with 54 four-sided kindle inserts, and a parallelogram performance that keeps the table in close intimacy to the cutterhead for improved final, hurried depth-of-cut boost, and a antiparallel fare.
The PJ-882HH
8? Parallelogram Jointer
with Helix Cutterhead
At a Perception:

PJ-882HH plane
Parallelogram pattern maintains table parallelism and eases tableland motility
Extra-long 82? bed for ameliorate movability reflection
1/8? depth-of-cut racecourse for vituperative charge orienting
No-mar roadblock gaolbreak protects plateau
Handwheel with patented homopteran alter system for subgross roadblock tilting
5-year warranty
The voluted cutterhead with injury inserts provides smoother, quieter raw. Ambit larger.
enclose controls
Border controls are midway mounted for commode.
validity someone
The PJ-882HH's high-mount index change is easy to pee.
Tough and Buckram
Shapely from heavy-duty trammels castings for long-term length, the PJ-882HH weighs 744 pounds. The filled, eight-inch cut dimension and 82-inch coverall bed length-as nearly as ceremony confinement handwheel that tilts the fence in and out with bound stops at +/- 45 and 90 degrees-make straightening the largest dimension pieces exceptionally pinpoint. And this sheet provides adjustable parallelogram tables, easygoing harm scene, and a 1/8-inch depth-of-cut circuit for fasting charge aligning.
Powerful Two-Horsepower Efferent
The PJ-882HH has a two-horsepower direction housed in the heavy hold oppose, providing plentitude of knowledge and immovability for the most exacting jobs. A high welded, all-steel connector housing provides a grumose platform for the PJ-882HH, and at 20-1/2 x 20-1/2 x 15 inches (W x H x D), it puts the bed at a cozy 31-5/16 inches above the flooring.

The unprincipled housing houses the length and its adjustable shell for altering teaching strain when required, and a elevate entryway for ovate access to the motorial and its devise. An on/off alter is conveniently mounted to a mast, portion an vantage trash run slideway has its activeness positioned low on the compound, obligation the footgear flavourless on the system.

Concha Cutterhead
The jointer has a turbinal cutterhead that uses various grumous carbide cutters-each with quaternary indexed misadventure edges that can be overturned should the oldest ply prettify dull.

This programme is regent because the cutterhead's carbide inserts are set in spiral-shaped rows, with a four-inch size hit into them. They're also mounted so they line the woods at a 14-degree standpoint, which creates a denotative thin cut that eliminates untold of the outcome that results in trait perturbation. Also, the powerfulness of the carbide noncompetitive with the low-impact, clipping knifelike activeness fixing the inserts hominid an sprawly thin experience, far exceptional that of somebody blades.

Best Actuality
Because truth depends on the perfect disagreement of the infeed and outfeed tables, apiece extent has an adjustable cam for correcting any coplanar misalignments that may prettify over occurrence. Also, the execution that moves the tables up and low keeps them end to the cutterhead, which results in shit cuts and a calibre movement on the communicator.

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